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Ep. 17 - What Is the Key to Raising a Happy Kid?

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This is the All Pro Dad Podcast, where in each episode, dads of all ages dive into just one question. Today, we ask, “What is the key to raising a happy kid?”

Kickball in the park. Ice cream on the porch. Having an epic snowball fight on Christmas morning. One of the best parts of being a dad is having fun with your kids, but not every day is a great one. Ted Lowe, Maddow Womble, BJ Foster, and Buck Buchanan share their thoughts on helping kids handle their low moments and provide happy ones.

Could the key to happiness be unhappiness? Dr. Tovah Klein thinks so. He is a leading child psychologist who says, “Kids know how to be happy, it’s the other emotions where they need us the most. There’s nothing wrong with doing nice things for your kids when they’re unhappy, but it doesn’t always address the source of what’s upsetting the child.”

There are many factors to raising a happy kid. This research suggests one of the keys is to lovingly allow little ones to feel their feelings—all of them. The good, the bad, and the downright frustrating. By being there for them during the tough times, we can teach them healthy ways to cope with challenges and become happier as a result. 

This could mean creating a safe space where they can express themselves. Think about giving them outlets to explore art, music, or even to build a pillow fort to hide in for a while. It’s about establishing emotional intelligence and resilience so your kids can grow into strong, confident young adults capable of tackling anything life throws at them.

Today’s Pro Move: This week, watch how you respond when your child is unhappy. 

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