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Ep. 29 – Should Your Kids Be Your Top Priority?

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This is the All Pro Dad podcast, where in each episode, dads of all ages dive into just one question. Today, we ask, “Should your kids be your top priority?”

If your son or daughter walks into the room with a bloody nose, we should spring into action! Our kids clearly need us when they are injured. But there are plenty of not-so-obvious times when our kids need us to drop everything for them, too. Ted Lowe, Bobby Lewis, and Jason Hood list a few of the times when we need make our kids our top priority.

Here are a few of those moments to look out for as a dad:

  1. 1. When They Fail

Your kids are more than the sum of their failures. Encourage perseverance and ooze forgiveness. Remind them that sometimes they will come up just short, but you love them anyway.

  1. 2. When They Are Sick

This is different from getting hurt. When our kids are sick, they need to know that their well-being is our top priority. Don’t leave it all for Mom to handle.

  1. 3. When They Get in With the Wrong Crowd

The younger the child, the more easily he or she is influenced. According to Choosing Therapy, about 85% of high school students have felt peer pressure at some point. Get involved, even if it’s awkward, to try to steer your kids away from trouble and toward positive influences.

  1. 4. After a Breakup

Even if your kids are too young to be in a romantic relationship, they’ll still feel the pain of broken friendships. It could leave your child feeling lonely or abandoned. Those feelings only intensify if a dating relationship is the one that dissolves. Your kids’ relationships are serious to them, even if they don’t feel serious to you. Don’t risk pushing them away by minimizing their emotions.

Bottom line: Your children need to know that they matter enough to you for you to stop and tend to their needs. 

Pro Move: Look for opportunities to stop and tend to your kids’ needs, because not prioritizing them properly can be harmful.

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