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Ep. 16 - Why Is It Important to Remember What Your Dad Did Right?

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This is the All Pro Dad Podcast, where in each episode, dads of all ages dive into just one question. Today, we ask, “Why is it important to remember what your dad did right?”

Dads mess up. Yours did. His did. You will, too. We can dwell on those missteps or consider all the things our dads got right. Ted Lowe, Bobby Lewis, and BJ Foster talk about how our upbringings shape us.

We are not going to pretend everyone had a perfect relationship with their dad. Many people can recall hurtful moments from childhood. Those negative memories are powerful. But it is good for our souls to also remember times when our dads loved and rescued us. Remembering what your dad did right helps you to get it right as a dad. Typically, the more gratitude we have, the more contentment we find.

While listening to this week’s episode, consider the kind of dad you want to be for your children. Do you want them to look back on their time in your home and have good memories? Those memories are made by your decisions today. Use your childhood experience to shape your kid’s experience for the better. Live in a way that makes it easy for your kids to point out what you did right.

Today’s Pro Move: If possible, tell your dad what he did right. If you can’t tell your dad in person, tell him in a text or letter. If he has passed away, then tell your kids what your dad did right.

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