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Protecting Your Daughter through Womanhood

When you think of protecting your daughter as she is becoming a woman, what comes to mind? Do you default to something like the acronym D.A.D.D. (Dads Against Daughters Dating)—which may be used on a T-shirt, but does it carry any real weight? Or—does something much more serious come to mind: protecting your vulnerable daughter from any man who wants to win her heart, but doesn’t have her best interest in mind? What about helping her establish a truthful and healthy mentality of body image? Telling her and showing her continually that you love her and that she means the world to you? The reality is a father’s protection of his daughter isn’t some cliché saying on a hat or t-shirt, but one of the most precious gifts we will ever be entrusted with.

We are all shorthanded when it comes to opportunities for quality time with our children. If we are to teach our girls what a strong, faithful, and loving man looks like—as well as how a woman is worthy to be treated then it begins with our modeling at home. Here are 3 ways a protective father can see his daughter through womanhood. Examples include:

1. Listening to What She is Saying

According to one top fathering organization, the #1 wish most young women have is that their fathers would LISTEN more. In other words– two ears, one mouth.

2. Honor Her Mother

Whether you are married or single, one of the greatest lessons we can model to our daughters is how we treat their mom. Good or bad, our choices here convey a strong message that this is how women should be treated.

3. Know Her Friends

Get to know who her social circle and peers are—either in person or through causal family conversation around the dinner table. When it comes to the young men she is talking with, ask questions and even invite him over for dinner to talk more.

Like Dawn says in the book, The Daddy Gap: “Toward the end of Courageous (the movie), Nathan takes his daughter Jade out on a special date…and presents her with a ring. He asks her to wear the ring as a reminder of how much she is worth to her daddy and to make an agreement with him; that if any young man desires to have more than a friendship with her, that she will first allow her dad to meet him and give his approval. Instead of setting her up for relational insecurity and heartbreak, this simple, yet profound act that any father can do sets his daughter up to feel highly valued..and enter into a healthy marriage one day.”

Dads, we often get the Provider and Playmate roles down—but fall short on Protector. Though challenging, this crucial role is completely attainable for every father—but it requires intentional work on our part.

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “When do you feel the safest?”