benjamin watson

Benjamin Watson

In addition to being an All Pro Dad Spokesman, Benjamin Watson is an All Pro Dad contributor. His articles include What Your Wife Needs When Your Career Calls You AwayTeaching Your Kids to Finish Strong, 3 Keys of Family LeadershipA Man’s Best Weapon, and Racial Tension: What are We Teaching Our Children?

Benjamin Watson has been in the NFL since 2004. He has played for the Patriots, Browns, Saints, and Ravens. In 2019, he returned to the New England Patriots, where he began his career. Benjamin has been married to his wife Kirsten since 2005 and they have seven children. In addition to playing in the NFL, Benjamin has written two books: Under Our Skin, a book about race relations in America, and The New Dad’s Playbook, a book for new fathers. He stays busy with his foundation One More, his growing family, and the NFL Players Association, where he serves on the Executive Committee. Here’s a piece of advice he would share with other dads: “More than toys, nice clothes, and great experiences your kids want YOU. They will SETTLE for the former but the amount of time you spend with your children will have a direct correlation with the intimacy and influence you will have with them as they grow older.”