The Importance of Valuing Your Kids

All Pro Dad’s Day Breakfasts are great ways for dads to hang out with, and connect with, their kids. Dads get to tell kids how proud they are of them and do some fun relationship building exercises together.

An Indianapolis area chapter not only got to do that, but they also got to hear some pretty cool fatherhood stories from former NFL players and a pretty famous former NFL coach, Tony Dungy. And after it was over, they got to check out the Sunday Night Football on NBC bus.

One consensus take away from many of the dads was the importance of valuing your kids. Here is video footage from NBC and below are quotes from some who attended.

  • “The goal is to use the event as a kickoff to get dads more involved in their kids lives.” – School principal
  • “It’s great for all dads to value our kids” – Dad in attendance
  • “(My favorite part was) Spending a good morning with the kids” – Dad in attendance
  • “(My favorite part was) Winning a prize!” – Child in attendance 

If you were being interviewed for TV and asked what kind of dad I am, what would you say?