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5 Things Your Kids Want From You at Christmastime

Every year, every kid can’t wait for Christmastime to arrive. Maybe it’s because school is out, or it’s the anticipation of opening presents on Christmas day, or it’s being able to play in the snow (hopefully). But there just seems to be something magical in the air that brings about feelings of warmth and excitement.

But what is it that really makes Christmas special for your kids? While Christmas is a wonderful time to express your love through gift-giving, some things you can give are far more important than material items. What are the things to get for Christmas, then? Here are 5 things your kids want from you at Christmastime more than just more stuff.

1. Your Intentional Presence

With extra time spent together during the holidays, it’s a perfect opportunity to let your kids know you are all there for them. The best way to do this is to be fully present in the moment. When you’re together, be completely present, not in separate rooms or on different devices. Take time to be intentional about being together.

2. Your Listening Ear

During this hectic season of fast-paced everything, take some time to slow down and have a quality conversation with your kids. And don’t just talk to them; take the time to listen to them, their words, and their hearts. Our kids have important things to say, but sometimes we’re too busy to stop and really hear them.

3. Your Love and Affection

More than your gifts, kids desperately want to know that you love them.

More than your gifts, kids desperately want to know that you love them. Christmas is the perfect time to reassure them of your love with words of affirmation and lots of physical affection. Hugging your child while saying things like, “You’re my favorite gift this Christmas. I’m most thankful for you,” could mean the world to your child.

4. Your Choice to Keep the Peace

Even kids know that holidays can be a stressful time, so make an intentional choice to pursue peace in your family—even if it means you have to bite your tongue or step away to do a silent scream because of something the in-laws said or did. Regardless of the circumstances, refuse to accept anything less than positive memories with your family.

5. Your Time and Attention

Take time to do the special and memorable stuff with your kids. Make snow angels, go sledding, create those homemade Christmas cards. Learn to be present in the moment with your kids by investing intentional time into them. No doubt, we’ll give our kids some great gifts. Let’s just make sure we’re ready to enjoy those gifts with them, whether that involves playing in the back yard, putting a new toy together, or watching that new movie.

Sound off: What are your plans for spending time with your kids this Christmas?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What would you like to do when we have time together?”