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5 Things You May Need to Keep Away from Your Family

About a year ago, I decided it would be a good idea to do a full body detox. The health benefits of denying myself certain foods as well as replacing them with other better alternatives were not necessarily appealing or convenient but were certainly worth it with the end result in mind – a healthier body and a fresh start. And it got me to thinking the same can be true for our families. Sometimes it can be a healthy move for our families to take a break from some things that, although not necessarily wrong in and of themselves, still hold a potential danger if overused or abused.

As dads, it’s our natural intuition to protect our families. But what if some of those harmful things could be among us every day? If you feel that any of these things listed have too much of a hold on your family or are starting to become a concern, why not consider taking a week or month detox from them to help get things back on track? Or, simply set some limits to help you keep these areas in check. Here are 5 things to consider that you may need to keep away from your family.

1. Caffeine

Although everyone loves it, too much caffeine can have a negative effect on your children’s health and their behavior as well. There’s a good reason why we don’t allow our kids to drink coffee, right? However, we should still be trying to keep their caffeine levels to a minimum. Multiple studies show that too much caffeine can cause upset stomachs, headaches, difficulty concentrating and sleeping, as well as an increased likelihood of obesity and behavioral issues.

2. Sugars & Sweets

While we may have good intentions to eat healthier and stay fit, convenience often wins in the end. And when it comes to what we eat, convenience often goes by the nickname, “junk food”. And before you know it, our intake of sugars and fats are starting to affect us in more than one way.

3. Eating Out

I love to eat out and so does my family. But not only can it come at a high price financially, eating out too often can hurt a lot more than just your pocketbook in the long run (including the quality time and conversation you’re missing out on around the dinner table).

4. Television

When we don’t have anything else to do, the easiest thing is just to turn on the tube. It allows us to escape the realities of life for just a little while as our minds and bodies shift into cruise control. Sadly, with televisions in nearly every room, many kids are being raised by Hollywood instead of their parents.

5. Devices

They are such a blessing… and such a curse. They provide so much by way of convenience. But they also create so many new concerns that parents need to give attention to.

What if you were to keep one or more of these things away from your family for a while? While it may not sound appealing or convenient… it could certainly be worth it, with the end result in mind.

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What would be some things that would be good to take a break from?”