Tony Dungy’s Parenting Weakness and How He’s Working On It

Being in the NFL is a great but difficult job. Everything you do, right or wrong, is on display. Being a dad isn’t that different. All your parenting strength is on display. So is all your parenting weakness. And kids are great at pointing out what you do well and what you don’t.

When others point out your parenting weakness, it’s humbling, but it’s also an opportunity to grow. If your kids call you out, you might just learn about what you can work on. Here are 2 of my parenting weaknesses and what I’m doing to work on them.

1. I lack patience.

As a coach, I was extremely patient with my players and our team performance. I would always try to encourage them and help them grow. But I don’t have the same patience for my kids. That’s my first parenting weakness. I expect my kids to be on point and pick things up right away. So I have to remind myself all the time to be patient. I tell myself not to get worked up when they fail to do what I ask or when they’re disobedient. Helping kids develop is a process that takes time.

2. I think my kids should be perfect.

My second parenting weakness? There are times when I think my kids should do things exactly how I told them or even be on top of details before I’ve said anything. But if kids could do that, they wouldn’t need parents. I believe God made us their parents so we can guide and train them. When I’m getting upset, I need to stop, relax, and remember that they don’t know a lot. They need to be taught.

Sound off: What is your parenting weakness and how do you overcome it? 

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What are some signs that a person is impatient?”