Two Tips for Tiger

There’s probably not a person in our country that is not familiar with Tiger Woods. He’s the most recognizable golfer in the world and probably the most famous athlete at this present time. He’s really on top of the world and on top of his sport. However since November, he’s had a lot of difficulties, problems, and marital issues. He’s been thrown into the spotlight once again, but this time for all the wrong reasons. He recently made his return to the PGA Tour after a long break. He played in the Master’s tournament and finished with a disappointing tie for fourth place. While he is technically “back” he doesn’t have a full PGA schedule yet. I believe he’s scheduled to start a tournament in just a few days and then play in the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach in June.

While he has big gaps in his playing schedule, what he has to do now, in my opinion, is really strive to put his marriage back together. If I could give Tiger Woods some advice it would be this:

1. Put your marriage and your family ahead of your career. If this means putting golf aside for a few years or forever – it would be worth it.
2. Reach out to some men who can give you some good, solid, sound and most importantly, Biblical advice. It’s so important to look at what the Bible says about parenting, fathering and being a man.

That’s where I would reach out and turn to, and I think that is the most important thing he could do right now.

I’m praying for Tiger.