10 Ways to Stay Connected with Your Kids When You Travel

1. Let your children help you pack for the trip and allow them to add one special object of their choosing to your suitcase.

2. Leave short, encouraging notes for your children… one for each day you’ll be away.

3. Place a picture of yourself and your child doing something fun beside your child’s bed.

4. Prepare one or two of your children’s favorite meals and leave them in the freezer so your spouse can serve them while you’re away.

5. Call your child as often as you can, especially at bedtime. Use Skype or another web-based phone service and hook up a video cam so they can see you when you call.

6. Send text messages or pictures to your kids via your spouse’s cell phone. If they have their own phones, text them directly.

7. Send your family postcards from the road.

8. If your children are old enough to research the city you’re traveling to, text them quiz questions about your destination.

9. Create a short video of yourself – maybe reading a story, or singing their favorite song before you leave, that your children can watch while you’re away.

10. Have a long-distance treasure hunt. Hide a special treat somewhere in your house, then text your kids clues until they find it.