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Your Daughter and the Reality of Teenage Sex

When your daughter is a small child, life is more simple. When she falls and starts crying, all you have to do is hug and kiss her and it’s all fixed. When you move to the other side of braces, boys come into the picture. The world of your daughter dating will make any father cringe because she is blissfully unaware of what you know well. You know how boys think and feel about girls and teen sex. You know the emotional entanglement that dating brings particularly when things get physical.

Teenagers don’t have the life experience to know the deep impact of their actions.

A young girl’s heart is like a spider web; the more intimate she gets with a boy, the more of his hand is on it. Teenagers don’t have the life experience to know the deep impact of their actions. When he moves on, he pulls his hand off the web, leaving it in tatters. Sadly, she may even think of herself as ruined. The following 7 factors increase the likelihood of your daughter being sexually active at a younger age. Knowing these and taking action will help lessen the chance of your daughter engaging in sexual activity in her teen years.

Alcohol Consumption

Drinking causes teens to misunderstand emotions, which clogs clear decision-making. Plus, getting drunk happens quicker for girls because of their smaller bodies. Alcohol consumption leads to a lot of bad decisions and teen sex.

A Strict Home

You have to let go. Your rules are not going to stop her from making bad decisions. The tighter you try to make your grip, the more she’s going to slip through your fingers. She’ll end up keeping more and more secrets. So focus on trust and consequences. For example, not letting her borrow your car because you don’t trust her is a good consequence for irresponsible behavior. Have this talk with her now.

Feeling Disconnected From You

Girls can turn to teen sex to fill the disconnect and separation they feel from their dads. Cultivate your relationship with her. Spend as much time with her as you can. Ask her out on dad/daughter dates—mid-week has a higher chance of acceptance. Show her genuine care, interest, and affection. Never stop pursuing.


If you are divorced or contemplating divorce, you need to know this reality. There is no judgment here and it doesn’t mean the situation is hopeless. It just means that you need to be all the more proactive in the other areas of this list, particularly your connection. Work with your ex-wife as best you can.

No Clear and Effective Disapproval of Sex Outside of Marriage

Talk to her about sex. I know it’s awkward and she will be uncomfortable. Have your talking points ready, but be as natural as you can be. Talk about the physical risks, but focus on the emotional ones more. Keep it honest and real, but no browbeating. Don’t give one big talk and assume that’s it. Think of it as a running dialogue.

Peer Pressure

They will want to do what their friends are doing. Get to know their friends as best you can. Don’t turn a blind eye to the crowd she’s rolling in. Ask inquiring questions. A strong sense of identity and a bond with your family’s core values will help counter peer pressure.

Sexual Abuse

As a result of abuse, many times young girls’ value is twistedly tied to their sexuality. Your daughter needs a lot of care and professional counseling. If you haven’t yet, you need to contact the authorities and confront the perpetrator. Let her see the full weight of your protection.

Sound off: What do you want your daughter to know about relationships and sex?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “Why do you think people make bad decisions?”