16 Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Swimming pools are part of the joy of summer. Whether it’s relaxing poolside or playing Marco Polo with your kids, the hours of fun can be endless. But pools come with risks and every parent must be careful when kids and pools mix. To that end, here are some swimming pool safety tips to keep your family safe.

  1. Never leave a child unattended near water in a pool, tub, bucket, or ocean.  There is no substitute for adult supervision.
  2. Designate a “Water Watcher” to maintain constant watch over children in the pool during gatherings.
  3. The home should be isolated from the pool with a fence at least 60” tall that includes a self-closing, self-latching gate.  The gate should open away from the pool, and should never be propped open.
  4. Doors and windows should be alarmed to alert adults when opened.  Doors should be self-closing and self-latching.
  5. Power-operated pool safety covers are the most convenient and efficient.  Solar/floating pool covers are not safety devices.
  6. Keep a phone at poolside so that you never have to leave the pool to answer the phone and can call for help if needed.
  7. Learn CPR and rescue breathing.
  8. Keep a life-saving ring, shepherd’s hook, and CPR instructions mounted poolside.
  9. Do not use flotation devices as a substitute for supervision.
  10. Never leave water in buckets or wading pools.
  11. If a child is missing, always check the pool first.  Seconds count.
  12. Remove toys from in and around the pool when not in use.
  13. Don’t use floating chlorine dispensers that look like toys.
  14. Instruct babysitters about potential pool hazards, and emphasize the need for constant supervision.
  15. Responsibilities of pool ownership include ensuring children in the home learn to swim and that adults know CPR.
  16. Do not consider children “drownproof” because they’ve had swimming lessons. 

Taken from National Drowning Prevention Alliance

  • Thanks for providing all these tips for experience a safe swimming. We should consider all these precautions during our swimming practice. I really wanna add one more tip that, using better quality ear plugs can also help us to save our ears from entering water in our ears.

  • rose nickelson

    This is some really good information about how to keep your children safe when you have a pool. I like that you said not to use a flotation device instead of supervision. It is always important that someone is watching when children are in the pool. That is the best way to protect your children when you have a pool. http://www.advancedpools.com.au

  • Every Persons have a desire to learn swimming even a childs but Obviously we should understand the hazards associated with the learning of swimming , Your info are simple but very powerful that shall prevent many fatals . Thanks for the value sharing , we knew the Importance of safety thats why in our nebosh courses in chennai we Include swimming safety even if it is not in syllabus

  • Victoria Runda

    I really like your idea of having a designated “water watcher”. It seems like most of us know to keep an eye on the kids but it can be hard to know that someone is watching at every moment. The next time that I take my kids to the beach with others I’m going to a make a big deal out of this title. http://www.advancedpools.com.au

  • Jeff Bridges

    Tip number five is really important for pool safety. Pool covers can save lives if you have small children. An automatic one can be even more useful making it easy to close it whenever you are finished.


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