24 Questions to Ask a Family Member

These are good questions to ask around the dinner table tonight. Here are 24 open-ended questions to ask your children.

Do Your Children Know…

– The name of your first pet and how you got him

– Your favorite food when you were growing up and who made it for you

– How much you made an hour at your first job

– The awards or honors you received during your school years and which one meant the most to you

– Your favorite vacation spot and why

– How you and your spouse met and how he asked her to marry him

– How old you were when you got your first cell phone

– Your most embarrassing moment in school

– The worst prank you ever played and if you got caught

– Nicknames you’ve had and why you had them

– The worst or funniest date you ever had

– Who your best friend was throughout school, what you liked about them, and what kinds of things the two of you did together

– If you were ever picked on as a child and what you did about it

– What you miss most about being a kid

Do You Know Your Children’s…

– Favorite holiday memory

– Dream vacation spot

– The celebrity they’d most like to meet

– Current best friend

– Current favorite song or TV show

– Favorite animal

– Favorite subject in school

– Most cherished possession

– Best memory of a family event

– Hopes for the future

For more great questions to ask your kids, we highly recommend The Communication Game.


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Huddle up with your kids tonight and ask each other open-ended questions.

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