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Being a Good Father Means Being a Good Model

Today’s post is from our newest NFL Spokesman, Michael Robinson. He had an eight year NFL career, four with the San Francisco 49ers and four with the Seattle Seahawks, where he played and won a Super Bowl. More than anything Michael Robinson is a committed husband and father of four. All Pro Dad is proud to have him as a Spokesman.

In several weeks, NFL players will report to their prospective teams for training camp. After a lifetime playing football and eight years in the NFL, I still get excited around this time of year. Since retiring from the NFL, my passion has been working with kids. I am always amazed and humbled by the opportunity being a former NFL player has in influencing their lives. They look at us with wide eyes and a sense of awe. It reminds me of when I was their age. Back then, my favorite players were Randall Cunningham and Barry Sanders. I would watch them on TV and study how they moved. Then I would go outside with my football and mimic those moves, wanting to be like them.

While I am passionate about working with kids, I am most passionate about my own. I have four and desire to instill in them the values that have made me who I am. We consistently talk about it, but nothing sinks in like modeling it well. They will copy what we do more than what we say. Being a good father comes down to showing our kids how to live, love, think, and behave. [Tweet This] With that said, here are three things I am focusing on modeling to my kids right now.


I want to focus on God’s ways, not my own. Prayer is the biggest way to keep my heart and mind in the right place. Every night I pray with my kids so they can see me do it. Even my two-year-old will watch me, fold her hands, close her eyes, and say a prayer. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day. They get to hear the things on my heart and I get to hear theirs.

Think for Yourself

One of the things I consistently say to my children is “use your own brain”. Do not be swayed by the crowd. Think deeply about what is right and do it. When you play in the NFL, there are a lot of external forces pushing you in various directions. It is an easy place to find trouble. Unfortunately, you see that happen in the media all the time. Keeping a sharp mind to what is right is important in maintaining integrity especially when the gravity from the crowd is so strong.

Keeping Your Word

If you say you are going to do something, do it. It is a simple concept, but practicing it takes commitment. When it comes to my kids, the easiest way I can get off track is telling them we are going to spend time together and then getting distracted with other things. That’s why when I arrive home, I tell myself, “Here I am.” The emphasis is on the word here meaning nowhere else and that includes my mind. If I tell my kids I will play with them in 2 minutes and I’m not playing with them at minute 2:01, then I have not kept my word. If I don’t keep my word, they won’t keep theirs.

Sound Off

What are the top things you are modeling to your kids?

Michael Robinson and kids
Michael Robinson

Michael Robison is a Former NFL Fullback and current NFL Network and Big10 Network analyst. Michael attended Penn State leading them to an Orange Bowl victory while also earning three degrees in Advertising, Public Relations and Journalism. Michael was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers as a Fullback and later played for the Seattle Seahawks,

  • drrichardnorris

    Yep. I agree with these and practice these myself. As a leader, a dad needs to be in the limelight and stay there regarding his role in the family. A dad must ensure that the spotlight is on his words AND his actions. I am also quick to openly tell my kids when I am wrong and apologize accordingly. Keeps me humble and hungry to be a better dad whilst leading by example (even when I don’t get it right and telling them so).

  • Dave

    What do your prayers sound like Michael?

  • Seth

    After reading this, I realized that while I am doing fairly well at the last one, I still have a lot of room for improvement. I tell my two boys that I won’t make promises to them that I won’t keep, but never thought about all the ‘I’ll be there in a minute’, or ‘we can do that soon’ that slip through the cracks.
    I also like the idea of sharing a prayer time with them at night. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks before I can start that, since that will be the next time they spend the night at my house.

  • Chris Morris

    THREE degrees, while playing D1 football. That is the Paterno/Penn State Way. Amazing talent, and priorities in order. What a great dude!

  • Mickey Morgan

    Wow. This is a refreshing post. And look at those babies!! Absolutely adorable. I had no idea that Michael Robinson was such a blessed man. I had heard him lift up his wife with beautifully kind words on the Real Rob Report and now see that he is an absolute brilliant talent on and off of the field. Bravo!!!

  • Amen! And great looking family.

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