Marital Problems

All good things are worth fighting for. Overcome marital problems and become teammates with your wife with these ideas.

feeling apathetic

5 Ways to Fight Apathy in Your Marriage

There they both sit night after night. A couple not acknowledging an unhappy marriage, as they go through the motions of necessity. The kids put to bed, the toys somewhat put back in place, and they stare at the television as bed time quickly creeps up. He looks her way and has a romantic intention, but it evaporates as fast as it came. “Too much work,” he thinks as he mentally resigns to self-satisfaction. As she weakly smiles his way, in her mind races a million different thoughts. One of them is, “I’m not desirable enough for him to want me anymore.” Her heart believes the lie. They exchange an, “I love you,” with an insincere peck on dry lips, and part ways until the next day. Apathy has laid waste to their marital joy. . . .

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