raising compassionate kids

Raising Compassionate Kids

Ideas for those in need:

By taking a little time and using some creativity, you can help your kids shower compassion on those who need it.  Here are just a few ideas your children can do to be a blessing to those folks:

  • Create a nice card complete with artwork

  • Bake some simple foods

  • A simple phone call can do wonders

  • Offer to do yard work for the elderly

  • Offer to help with homework for a classmate

  • Send an e-card

  • Buying an inexpensive stuffed animal might do the trick

  • Offer to bring a funny movie over

  • Invite them to your house for a good meal

  • Buy inexpensive toys if the child is younger

  • Invite them over to play board games or cards

Your kids really don’t have to do a lot other than spend a little time showing love.  And what a wonderful gift they’ll be giving.

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