10 Easy Tips to Take Your Wife Dancing

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In a recent article in U.S. News and World Report, Dr. Bernadine Healy told us about an outstanding discovery. Couples who dance together ward off Alzheimer’s disease. “Frequent dancing, which demands musical concentration and knowing where to put your feet while engaging in polite conversation, showed a robust 75 percent reduction in the risk for Alzheimer’s.”

Does that mean it’s time for you to bust out your platform shoes and powder blue leisure suit? Well, not quite. But any activities you can do with your wife that require conversation and exercise will do wonders for your health – and your marriage. But if you are thinking about stepping out on that dance floor, here are 10 easy tips to take your wife dancing:


If you are going to do this, you might as well do it big. Your goal is nothing short of total magic. Start by planning the date. Will it be her birthday? On your anniversary? Or the best of all, a total surprise on a completely random night? Women very much love to be swept off their feet. Go for the random night. Arrange a babysitter without her knowledge. Think ahead to plan every scenario. Give her best friend your credit card and ask her to buy three different outfits she thinks your wife would love for the occasion. Three because that increases your chances of one being perfect. Do not even remotely attempt buying them yourself. Stick with the best friend. Have the outfits laid out and ready for inspection after she learns of your intentions.

2.Style of Dance

This is huge. Make or break for your whole plan. What style of dance will you be attempting? Pretty people, clean club dancing? Ballroom? Salsa? Two-stepping in a country honky-tonk? The list goes on and on. Pick what you think your wife would enjoy the most. Not what you prefer, which is most likely the country honky-tonk. This ain’t about you, Bubba. Besides, two-stepping is much harder than it looks. Choose a style and the remainder of your planning will be based around it.


Remember the movie Hitch with Will Smith? He was attempting to teach his over-sized client how to be cool on the dance floor. Ball your hands into a loose fist and hold them up towards your chest. Then just move slightly staying in one spot. Do not leave that spot. Of course when he turned his back, the client went off into his own jam. Funny stuff. Point is that you need lessons big guy. One does not just step on to a dance floor and do the tango. A clean club scene will send you heading to the nearest corner to hide if you don’t have a game plan. Salsa is certainly not for rookies. Don’t worry about her. Women have an uncanny ability to dance to just about anything. If she has no experience with the style you choose, you can lead and she will no doubt pick it up quickly. Ask your sister or someone non-threatening to your wife to take lessons with you. I say non-threatening because you don’t want to be accused of doing something sneaky when you are really trying to be romantic. Sister. Not best friend on this one.


You have chosen your style. Now time to choose where you will break out your moves on your woman. You can’t just go up to the corner hang out bar, choose Pearl Jam on the jukebox, and start dancing. She’ll think you’re an idiot. If you are in your 40’s and you are trying to go clean club dancing, you might wind up disappointed. Those ropes are not kind to people in their 40’s. That is for twenty-something’s. If you want to clean club dance, find a place friendly to your age group, whatever that may be. If you want to salsa there are usually many places that dedicate a night each week just for that type of dancing. The goal is to choose a place where you both will feel comfortable. The mood is magical and the type of dancing you intend is highlighted.

5.Clothes Make The Man

You have to look the part. It’s essential to the plan. If you are going ballroom dancing, break out your tux or at least a nice suit. Clean club dancing calls for in-style clothing, but just don’t overdo it. Whatever style, you have chosen dress the part. Groom yourself like it’s your wedding day all over again. No dirt under the fingernails. No nose or ear hair. No 5 o’clock shadow. Look smooth, Mr. Bond.


So you have broken your big news to her. She loved one of the outfits and hated the other two just as predicted. Everything is going perfect. She is glowing with shock and excitement. The same glow you have when Peyton Manning drills Reggie Wayne in the corner of the end zone to give your fantasy team the victory over your neighbor. The guy who never returned your weed whacker. Ecstatic. Now is the time to remember every single thing your Mom taught you about manners. We don’t care how comfortable your relationship has become. Tonight you will treat her like you did the very first time you took her on a date. Be on your very best behavior. She deserves nothing short of perfection from you.


Alright Romeo. Let’s see what you got in your bag of tricks. You somehow managed to convince her to marry you, so you must have something special about you. Tonight you will use it in full force. Tell her she is gorgeous. Give her that look that makes her know that you are very, very interested. Listen to everything she says and participate fully in the conversation. Forget the three kids at home and the mortgage payment that is due. See her tonight as you did the first time you saw her. That moment she captivated every bit of your attention. After all, she hasn’t changed. Life has. She is still the same woman you couldn’t dream of living without. Let her know it.


You have finally made it. You have arrived at your chosen location. Keep it cool and don’t rush things. She still is not aware that you have taken lessons and are about to wow her. She is just happy to be getting all this wonderful attention. Find a choice place to sit. Order drinks of your choosing. Appetizers. Talk and build the mood. Get her giddy with excitement. Like a bottle of Heinz ketchup, it’s all about the anticipation.

9.The Big Moment

Ok this is it. Game time. The right song just started playing and right now she is putty in your hands. All your hard work, all your efforts come down to this moment. Do you have what it takes to lead this thing to victory? Stand up, gently take her hand, and ask her if she will do you the honor of sharing this dance. The resulting moments are left up to your imagination. It’s your responsibility from this point to make it reality. We have all the confidence in the world in you.

10.Plan B

Maybe that all sounds like a bit much to you. Possibly too expensive. Lessons, clothes and nights on the town don’t come cheap. Understandable. There is still a plan B. This is not to be used as a cheap alternative or watered down version. This is only to be used if it is your only option. The economy is bad and money is tight. Perhaps you are really shy and can’t imagine doing all that. Ok. Come home from work early. Prepare dinner if you can, or order her favorite food, and have it ready. Enlist your children as your wait staff. Set up a table and eat dinner by candlelight in a comfortable spot in your home. Play soft music in the background as you do all the same things mentioned in this article. Manners. Romance. Then at the right moment, have your children hit the stereo and on comes her very favorite romantic song. Stand up just as described before and ask her to dance. Gently hold her as your twirl slowly around the room gazing in her eyes. She will melt. Your children will see a real picture of what true love really is. It’s can’t miss, Bubba. Can’t miss.

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