5 Ways to Have Fun at Home

As parents, we are required to wear a lot of different hats. We are providers, protectors, teachers, and advisors. In addition, we are also entertainment directors. The family that plays together stays together? That might not be a guarantee, but it sure goes a long way towards helping the cause. Consider ideas that best suit the tastes of your own family, but here are a 5 ways to have fun at home.

1. The House Olympics

If you are a family that loves to compete, this is the idea for you. The “sock slide” is a personal favorite. Find a slippery surface and compete for distance and style. Mom is the judge. Mom is usually the most fair. The Nerf basketball long distance shot is also fantastic. Another great event is the relay race around the house. Let your mind go and have a blast.

2. The Family Garage Dance

String a few lights, perhaps throw up a disco ball, play some terribly cheesy music, and have a dance party right at home. Even if you don’t like to dance, which some of us don’t at all, it is just your family. It is very good to let loose around your children sometimes. This is especially true with teenagers. Psychologically speaking, it releases a lot of built-up tension.

3. The Indoor Camping Adventure

Almost all children love to go camping. What is more fun, and snake free, than camping inside your own home? Make it as authentic as you can by turning off the breakers and bringing out the battery-powered lanterns. Set the tent up in the living room. No television allowed, no cell phones except to take some pictures, and if you have a fireplace you can roast marshmallows. A free family activity and you even save money on the electric bill.

4. The Cooking Contest

Dad can’t cook? Your cooking partner is a toddler? Too bad; it is the family cooking contest so you better figure out something. Divide up into teams or compete individually. Have each come up with one signature dish of any kind to be submitted for judging by mom or an outside source. The winner gets a gift card or dinner out at their choice of restaurant. Not many things bring as much joy as food.

5. The Great Movie Marathon

For those that prefer something a little less active, this is an excellent choice. Do it right, however, by having lots of popcorn and candy at the ready. Choose a theme the whole family will enjoy based on ages and your own particular tastes. It requires at least three movies to be considered a marathon, so settle in for the long haul. Extra benefits would be blowing up air mattresses and breaking out the blankets and pillows. Pajamas are required attire at your theatre. It is almost certain your wife will love you for this idea.

Bonus idea: Quiz each other using iMOM’s 300 Riddles for Kids!

Huddle up with your children tonight and tell them knock-knock jokes.