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10 Encouraging Thoughts for All Pro Dads

To all the fathers who brave outdoor high school football stadiums during the dead of winter just to see their son sit on the bench the entire game, we say, “Well done”. To all the dads who sit on rock hard folding chairs to see their daughter’s two minute part in a two-hour play, we say, “Well done”. For all the dads who have put hundreds of miles on their car to take their children on camping trips, we say, “Well done”. To all the fathers who got through another stressful workday and still cleaned up the dinner dishes, we say, “Well done”.

Below are 10 encouraging thoughts for All Pro Dads. You matter more than you could possibly imagine.

1. Thank you for your faithfulness.

The kids might not say much and they may roll their eyes, at times, but they count on you and they like it when you’re around. Keep it up, Dad. They already love you for it.

2. The other dads want to say, “Thanks for being there for our kids.”

The guys who can’t go camping… or do the assistant coaching… teach Sunday school… or have an open kitchen for the kids on the block, they want to give up some love for you guys out there who are willing to be there.

3. The teachers and coaches also send a shout out for your support.

Your presence on the bleachers, your willingness to simply show up and, most of all, for the critically important fact that you back them up at home. You discipline, you love, you parent. Your consistency is, literally, a Godsend.

4. The other moms out there admire how well you treat your kids’ mom.

Seriously, the way you treat your kids’ mom does not go unnoticed. Your respect and care help set the standard. What you do is huge and women respect you for it.

5. You are ‘The Man’ and your contribution counts.

Your role is critically important. What you do, who you are—it all matters. You are a gift to your family. Being a dad rocks; it makes you shine. In fact, it’s one of the primary reasons you exist.

6. The choices you make have eternal value.

Research shows that fathers influence most by doing. When dad goes to church, the whole family goes to church. When dad reads instead of collapsing in front of the TV, the children score better in reading. And when dad practices healthy lifestyle habits, the family follows suit.

7. Parenting is its own reward.

The “GNH” (the Gross National Happiness scale) is a measure of quality of life. Values vary from culture to culture. What’s consistent across the board, however, is the observation that men who value family time report increased satisfaction and happiness…no matter where they live.

8. The kids light up when they see you.

Your kids count the minutes and hours until you’re home. There’s no substitute for dad. Your special relationship with your children is so valuable, it’s so needed, and it’s so appreciated. Your homecoming sets off the happy in your kids.

9. It’s all worth it when they grow up.

Does this sound like a pipe-dream? Or pie in the sky? Seriously, guys, do the math. The average dad with two children has kids in the house 21 years and then, poof, they’re gone. Twenty-one years from the birth of #1 to the high school graduation of #2. But when they grow up, all of a sudden, you’re going to be so proud.

10. The world appreciates you.

This world is always just one generation away from chaos. But we’re not going there anytime soon because you, All Pro Dad, are one rock of a man. The world appreciates what you do to raise your kids. The average guy on the street may walk right by you–without even a nod of the head. But if he knew all you did to contribute to the city he lives in, he’d shake your hand.