10 Ideas for a Family Adventure

The word “adventure” invokes thoughts of great explorers. Exciting challenges. Noble quests. It’s not a vacation. There is a deeper purpose. An educational experience that cannot be learned in a classroom. A great lesson in living a full life. Here are ten ideas to help you get started creating memories that will last forever.

1. The Real Way To Go Green

We only have one planet and it should be respected and cared for. There are multitudes of opportunities to teach your children this valuable lesson. Volunteer for roadside clean up or a shoreline restoration along streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. Help create an inner-city park. The ideas are unlimited. The disaster in the Gulf of Mexico should remind us all of our fragile existence. One family getting involved can make a giant impact.

2. The Classic Road Trip

Route 66. The most legendary road in America. Rent a convertible with a big engine, peel out of the parking lot, and put your family into the wind of freedom. Maps of the “mother road” can be found online. Try www.historic66.com as a source. The trail rambles from Chicago to Los Angeles. In between you will find classic diners, unique destinations and the thrill of true adventure.

3. Sea Life Up Close And Personal

What child is not fascinated by an adorable dolphin? Amazed with excited eyes at the sight of an enormous whale? Sea World is great, but is nothing like the real thing. On all coasts of this great country adventures on the sea await. Whale watching tours bring you right up alongside one of the biggest animals on earth. Boats that take you out amongst the dolphins as they frolic and play. Deep sea fishing tours that work your stamina as you attempt to haul in a giant marlin. Catch and release when you can. Respect nature and it will always respect you.

4. The Big Rockets

Kennedy Space Center in Florida and Johnson Space Center in Texas are where to find the origins of space exploration. In both places, children can get a firsthand experience in what it is like to leave the earth and enter another world. It might inspire them to be an astronaut one day. Maybe it just gives them an appreciation that life is bigger than their own world. Either way, they win.

5. Habitat For Humanity

A beautiful idea. Those with more giving a hand to those with less. This organization has provided reliable shelter for hundreds of thousands across the globe. Homes for children who had none. Volunteer your family to help. Everyone has a skill that is useful. Even the youngest can bring water and snacks to those laboring. Your family will be changed in the most positive of ways. www.habitat.org will get you started.

6. Swiss Family Robinson Style

Tree house resorts are becoming more and more popular. Being in nature is a natural instinct that should be nurtured. Most require a hike or even canoe trip to reach. These type of eco-vacation spots can be found in all parts of the country. Research what is best for your family and take them on an adventure they won’t soon forget.

7. American History

Seems like these days everyone is talking about the Constitution. About the Founders. The Declaration of Independence. What better time to embark your family on a journey into the history of our great nation? Obviously Washington D.C. is a great choice of destination. The cities of Philadelphia and Boston are also chock full of the origins of America. Williamsburg, VA is a fantastic place to experience what life was like during our country’s embryonic days. Everywhere in the country has historic significance. Seek it out and give your children an appreciation for the nation we so proudly call home.

8. Big Water

A raft or canoe, paddle, life jacket and a big raging river to conquer. Sounds a lot like adventure. White water rafting is extremely popular with families. For good reason. It’s fun and a fantastic way to build teamwork and cooperation. Options range from the simple and safe to the most extreme of challenges. Within an easy drive from home, you are sure to find a place to put in.

9. Appreciation of Life’s Finer Things

A well-rounded individual should have knowledge and experience with all walks of life. This includes an appreciation of the arts, fine dining and high society. A night’s stay at the finest hotel in town. A formal dinner with the family dressed accordingly. Proper manners strictly enforced. An evening at the symphony. The opera. A timeless musical. Exploration of the amazing museums that dot the landscape of America. Plan an adventure of this sort to enrich the lives of your children and the scope of their dreams.

10. Family On A Mission

The most noble of quests. Name a cause and there is a mission dedicated to it. Delivering shoes to homeless children in South America. Digging wells and constructing buildings for a village in Africa. Closer to home are shelters for the homeless in dire need of volunteers. Painting over graffiti- covered walls in the inner city. Mentoring a child from a troubled home. The ultimate adventure is helping your fellow man. It builds social harmony and feeds your soul to the point of overflowing. This is a lesson every child should be shown by example.