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10 Reasons to Teach Your Kids to Be the Grill Master

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Summertime is a great time for families to have backyard barbecues and cook outs. As your kids become more mature and capable of helping out with some of the “grown-up” things, it may be time to show them how to safely and effectively cook on the grill. In the process, your kids can learn some lessons while developing skills that will benefit them in life. Here are 10 reasons to grill with your kids this summer:

1. Another way to spend time with your kids.
You can never spend too much time with your kids. I have learned to include them in as many things as possible. Yes, you may have more messes, and you will need to follow safety tips, but you have the opportunity to talk, laugh, and work on something together.

2. Cooking is a skill they will need.
If I didn’t know how to grill after college as a single man, I may not have eaten. Grilling was always my fail safe. I grilled all year long…in Indiana. Yes, I was the guy in my boots on my patio grilling with snow on the ground. That skill was essential to my survival, seriously.

3. Give them responsibility.
Gas, flammable liquids, and fire are not things to play with. Cooking can be fun, but you must be safe. And you must teach your kids to be safe as well. Understanding the consequences of their actions around the grill to themselves, and their family, is a great lesson in responsibility.

4. Build Self-esteem.
Anytime you include your kids in doing something adults do, you show them you believe in them. When they know you believe in them, it encourages them to believe in themselves even more.

5. Examples of healthy eating.
Grilling is better than frying or microwaving. You have the opportunity to expose your kids to a variety of meals which are healthier than the traditional processed and pre-packaged foods they may eat on a regular basis.

6. Learning from their mistakes.

I have to be honest and admit that I experiment on the grill. I always have, and always will. Trying things and getting a bad (tasting) result was how I “perfected” some of my favorite grilled dishes. Allowing your kids to experiment with different seasoning combinations, and different foods, may not always turn out good for your taste buds, but it is worth it. They will learn what works and what doesn’t work. Kind of like life. We learn as we go. We learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others.

7. Preparation is important.
When it comes to grilling, you can’t grab it, throw it on the grill, push the buttons, and two minutes later have a meal a la the microwave. Some meal planning, meal preparing, and grill heating are necessary in advance. This is another lesson that applies to more than the grill, and you can use this as an illustration to teach your kids a lesson on preparation.

8. Foster creativity.
Yes, creativity! If you are the family grill master, I do not need to explain. When your kids are comfortable around the grill, and know it is okay if the food doesn’t turn out perfect, then their creativity is free to blossom. Kids have great imaginations, and will use them when given the chance in a safe place to do so.

9. Bless your kid’s future spouse.
The ability to grill will be a great benefit to a marriage. Somebody has to know how to grill. It doesn’t matter if it is the husband or the wife. Your kid’s future spouse will be happy to enjoy the wonderful tasting meals grilled by the grill master you groomed.

10. You can retire, or pass on, your grill kit.
Bonus? You can still enjoy a delicious grilled meal. Kids are great. We provide for them, protect them, and guide them. One of the greatest blessings is seeing them doing what we taught them on their own. And experiencing the tables turning, putting us on the receiving end of all we’ve instilled in them!

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