10 Reasons Why a Summer Project with Dad is Great

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Whether you are very good with your hands, a great craftsman, or neither, working on a summer project with your child is a great thing to do. Here are 10 reasons why you should take on a summer project with your child:

1. Love is spelled T-I-M-E.
No matter the project you work on, the biggest benefit will be the time you spend together. Your child should know you love him. By spending time with him, you will show him how much you love him.

2. Goal setting.
To manage a project, there are several steps involved. One of the main steps is setting a goal of what you want to accomplish. This is an important life skill your child will develop.

3. Planning and decision making.
Once the goal is determined, the steps to reach that goal will need to be outlined. The right tools and supplies will need to be selected to complete the project. Learning to plan and make decisions is great for your kids.

4. Time management.
When you set a goal, you set a target date to reach it. Your time will need to be managed. Your child will learn to best use his time to finish the project on time. Managing time is an important skill your kids will need later in life.

5. Hard work.
My son and I will be repairing a bike, which will become his next bike. It will not be an easy task as we will have to learn how to do it while we are doing it. I’m sure we’ll get stumped, but with hard work and perseverance, we’ll finish. Working hard will help your kids be successful in life.

6. Delayed gratification.
My son is quickly outgrowing his current bike. I’m sure he’d like to go to the store and get one immediately. The process of working and waiting for his new bike to be ready will teach him delayed gratification. Understanding the principle of delayed gratification will be very beneficial to your kids in our “right now” society.

7. Bonding.
Many of us have become friends with our co-workers. Spending a lot of time together while trying to accomplish common goals creates a bond. This will happen with you and your child too. A strong bond is something all of us dads should have.

8. Communication.
While working on the project, you will have the opportunity to talk about the actual work you are doing. But you can also be intentional and discuss relational, life, and family topics. The ability to discuss tough issues with your child will be your foundation to a great relationship later in life.

9. Memorable moments.
It is almost certain there will be some frustrating moments, some funny moments, as well as some gratifying moments. All of these things will be memorable. You and your kids will remember the experience for years to come.

10. Satisfaction of a job completed.
Completing the project will give you both a sense of accomplishment. The goal setting, the time invested, and the hard work provide the satisfaction of a job well done. Learning to start and complete a task is important for your kids to experience. Not to mention, you’ll be able to enjoy your project once it’s done. In our case, my son will get enjoyment from years of riding his bike. The bike he worked on. Every time he rides it, both he and I will think back to our time working on it. A lot of family fun will be centered around bike rides on his new bike.

What project would you like to work on together during the summer?