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10 Stories to Tell Your Children

When hurricane Irma hit Florida, we decided to evacuate. I have never experienced so much traffic in my entire life. What should have been a six-hour car ride turned into over 13. That’s a lot of time in the car. My wife and I were in the front seats talking while our kids had iPads and headphones on in the back. We started to reminisce about when our kids were babies. Little did we realize that our kids had taken off their headphones and were listening to the stories. When we stopped talking, since they knew we had good stories to tell, they begged us to tell more.

What stories do your kids always love to hear? Stories about them. Tell your son about the night he was born. Tell your daughter about the day she took her first steps. Talk about the funny way they used to eat cereal. Just think back to all of the cute things your children did when they were small. Then, when you’re sitting at the dinner table or tucking your kids into bed, share these memories. Watch their faces light up as the spotlight shines on them. Here are 10 stories you can tell your children about themselves.

1. The Time in Mommy’s Belly

Of course one day they will understand, but for now, most kids are completely amazed to learn they lived inside Mommy. Show them pictures of Mom with her big belly carrying them around. Describe how their mother would have you run out to satisfy crazy food cravings. Tell them how you would read to them talking to her belly—all the fun moments of pregnancy and the excitement that was all about them.

2. The Day They Were Born

If you really want your kids listening, tell them the story of the day they were born. They will be all ears as you relay all the emotions and monumental events of that incredible day. How excited you both were as you waited for the doctor to tell you to come to the hospital. Then there was the crazy drive to get there and the heart-pounding thrills waiting for them to arrive. Most importantly, describe in vivid detail just how you felt the first moment you laid eyes on your beautiful child. Your kids will certainly know how deeply you love them.

3. The First Days at Home

Parenting was never as tough as it was those first few days of being home with your new baby. Home alone with no nurses and no doctors. Grandma had exited the scene. It was just you and the baby, as you dealt with all of the crying, the feedings, the diapers, and the worries, all the while experiencing overwhelming amazement and joy in your heart.

4. The Year They Were Born

Everyone loves to read those books that talk about how life was in the year they were born. Teaching your child certain events that occurred during this time gives them landmarks that have distinguished who they are. For instance, when my wife was eight months pregnant with child number two, she was supposed to be at a meeting in New York City on September 11th, 2001 inside the Twin Towers. The only reason she wasn’t is because the doctor would not allow her to fly. She lost colleagues that day. Her pregnancy very well may have saved her life. These are cherished stories.

5. The Funny Quirks

Maybe your baby became addicted to a pacifier. Perhaps he or she made unusual noises. All babies and toddlers have their own quirks that stood out during those early years. These quirks no doubt provided many very funny circumstances that provide great stories to tell. Your children love hearing them.

6. The Joys of Potty Training

Possibly the king of early childhood memories is potty training. Oh my goodness, what a struggle it is for most families. There is no need to elaborate here much on where you could go with this topic. All families have their own experiences in potty training. They are all usually very humorous in hindsight.

7. The Wild Eating Habits

Storytelling doesn’t get much easier than when you describe to your children how they used to eat. One day, they would only eat applesauce, and the next day it was sweet potatoes. Nobody could ever predict how he or she would react when that spoon would hit those lips. Would the food fly back at you, or would your kid close her mouth tight and refuse to open it? Recall that silly grin only babies can make as their entire face is covered in acorn squash. Have the kids laughing to the point of tears as you tell them what wild animals they were!

8. Their First Words

Remember how happy you were to hear your baby actually speak? Now your house is full of nonstop chatter and you wonder if the talking will ever end. An episode of Andy Griffith comes to mind about a time Opie said something inappropriate. Andy’s response? “And to think I was happy when you learned to talk.”

9. The First Movements

The moment your baby first sat up in his crib and quickly started standing in it. The day you were all watching TV and your child began to crawl across the floor. For your author’s first child, that crawling was backwards. Quite hysterical for several weeks. Then there was the incredible day those first steps were taken and soon, your child was walking all over the place. These are beautiful moments to share.

10. The Very First Friends

Friends are very important in life and no doubt your child had them quite early on. Don’t you wish people got along as adults as they do when they are infants? No judgment, no prejudice, no cliques, and no problems, as long as you keep your hands off my rattle. The world would be a nicer place. Let your child know about those first friends.

Sound off: What is your favorite story to tell your kids?

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