10 Ways to Have the Best Holiday Ever

The essence of a great family holiday season is found in the memories that are made by just being together and sharing joy. The stresses of shopping, functions to attend, and all of the other clutter are quickly forgotten. But, the happy memories will remain forever in the hearts of our families.

To help you have the best holiday season ever, we offer these 10 ways and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

1. Parades and Festivals.
There is no better place to ignite the Christmas spirit than to attend a holiday parade or a festival with the whole family. Cities and towns offer parades, snow fests, ice sculpting contests, sledding, hot chocolate, and all of the things we associate with the season depending on where you live. Check the calendars in your area for events and make it a family date.

2. Christmas Movie Marathon.
Another way to get in the spirit is to make your own festival in the living room. Break out the blankets and cookies and have a movie marathon. The Hallmark Channel offers an array of non-stop holiday movies, and of course there is always Netflix or Redbox.

3. Outdoor Activities.
It’s too cold outside? So what! Get out there and have fun in the winter splendor. If you’re lucky enough to live in a cold climate, that means doing all the fun things that come with that like sledding, ice skating, and building snowmen. If you live in a warm climate, don’t be discouraged. Find an indoor skating rink or a festival that creates its own snow. Go play.

4. Have a Christmas Craft Party.
Allow the kids to invite their friends over and have a Christmas craft making party. Serve lots of treats and have fun creating items that will last for years to come. Pinterest and eHow offer lots of suggestions on easy crafts for kids to make.

5. Spend Time Serving and Giving Back.
In order to keep our perspective in the proper context, we should also spend time serving and giving back to our communities during the holiday season. There are countless ways to do that as a family.

6. Learn About Other Traditions.
Folks tend to get uptight about the phrase, “Happy Holidays,” but it’s there for a reason. There is more than one going on this time of year. Spend some time as a family learning the holiday traditions and gaining appreciation for other cultures. The more we understand each other in this world, the more peace we foster–Peace on Earth.

7. Take a One-Tank Trip.
Money is tight at Christmas for most, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do a little traveling. Research fun events going on in your region and take the family on a short getaway. Nothing creates lifelong memories more than a family trip. Who knows, maybe the world’s tallest snowman is only 2 hours from your house?

8. Cooking and Baking.
Who can resist the smell of Christmas cookies baking in the oven filling the house? Get together as a family to cook, bake, and decorate a whole mess of holiday goodies. Be sure to make enough to give some away to friends and family!

9. Go Christmas Caroling.
Yes, the stigma is what it is, and yes, some might find you annoying, but most will be blessed and your spirit will be infectious. Is there singing at the North Pole? Yes. So there should be at your house, too. To make it even more fun, get your family to dress in the costume of their favorite Christmas character.

10. Worship Together.
What’s the point of all this celebrating if we don’t worship? Attend and participate in worship services throughout the season (and all year). Rejoice in the good news of the newborn King!

Huddle up with your family tonight and watch the movie, Elf. Make notes of all the silly things he does that can be done as a family.


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