being a better husband

4 D’s to Being a Better Husband

Are you a great dad, but you sometimes find yourself struggling when it comes to being a great husband too? A great marriage is a partnership. We all know that. But, sometimes, the best that a guy can do is to concentrate on trying to improve his own efforts. We believe any relationship is worth your very best, and the four D-words in this list are designed not only to encourage dads but to equip you for being a better husband.

Bottom line: Being the best you can be is not only your opportunity, it’s your responsibility.

Bottom line: Being the best you can be is not only your opportunity, it’s your responsibility. These 4 D’s to being a better husband could well save your marriage.

1. Desire

A little honest self-evaluation is an important place to start. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself as a husband? If you think you still have room for improvement, then you’re well on the way and you can check “desire” off the list. The fact is, most of us will do what it takes once we have our minds set on a goal. Take a look at your wife tonight while she’s sleeping. Ask yourself, “Do I want to be a better husband?”

2. Daring

Sometimes, guys, we have to put ourselves out there and take a risk. “What if she rejects me?” “What if she doesn’t believe my effort is authentic?” Why risk walking into her workplace one afternoon with a huge bunch of flowers? Do you remember dating, proposing? It’s always a risk when you put yourself out there. But not taking a risk is going to say a whole lot more about your commitment. Come on, you’ve made it this far, daring is where the rubber meets the road.

3. Determination

We’re talking about being deliberate. We’re talking about practice. Once you’ve made the decision that you want to make some improvements, that’s when it’s time to get on board with some practice. Saying, “I love you,” bringing her flowers, complimenting her appearance, taking her out to a chic-flick, building her up. More often than not, love is a choice that you act on regardless of your feelings at the moment.

4. Devotion.

It’s an interesting phenomenon, but once guys get into the deliberate practice of “doing” love, then the feeling part follows right along. Yes, you will fall in love with her all over again. And falling in love again is a huge asset when you want to be a better husband.

What could you do, all by yourself, to help this family be strong?