10 Ways to Remember Your Wife

There are periods of life in which you can find yourself extremely busy. During those times you do not seem to have to time to take your wife out on a date, let alone spend quality time with her.

However, love is not always the big gestures. Usually it is the small things that you say or do which show your wife that you love her. On a daily basis, there are ways you can remember your wife and show her that you love her. These things can even be done on a hectic schedule.

Here are ten ways to remember your wife:

Thank Her

Thank your wife for all the little things she does for you to make your life easier. If you are going through a really busy time, she may even be doing extra to help you out. Let her know that you have noticed and appreciate the help. We will make this first step easy for you by providing 7 Things to Thank Your Wife For!

Go to Lunch With Her

Everyone has to eat. Take a break from work for just an hour and go out to eat with your wife. Whatever is keeping you busy can wait that long.

Bring Flowers to Her

Stop at the grocery store or florist on the way home and pick up flowers for your wife. They will let her know you love her no matter how hectic life may get. Make sure you do not select anything she may be allergic to or dislikes.

Ask How Her Day Was

It does not take much time to ask your wife how her day was and listen to her. Spend a few minutes and just really focus on her. It will let her know that you care.

Call Her/Text Her

No one can say they were too busy that they could not even text you at some point of the day. Give your wife a short text message or call. Let her know you were thinking of her and wanted to say “hi” just because. Take a look at this helpful article, Write Notes to Your Wife, and try all forms of communicating your love to your wife!

Kiss Her Just Because

Take your wife by surprise and just kiss her. Don’t wait for the right moment or reason; just kiss her because you love her. Express yourself to her.

Pray for Her

Pray for your wife. Pray for protection over her, strength, and whatever struggles she may be facing. Pray for your marriage, that it continually moves you closer to one another and closer to God.

Encourage Her to Pursue Her Dreams

In the midst of your busy schedule, remember that there are two people in your marriage not one. Encourage your wife because she may be going through a lot too. Also, encourage her to pursue her dreams; she needs to hear that from you.

Remember Her Favorites

Remember your wife’s favorite things whether it is picking up her favorite coffee or a new book that she wants. Knowing the little details down to how she likes her coffee, will impress your wife. It will let her know that you pay attention to her.

Let Her Know She is Amazing

Telling your wife that she is amazing will brighten her day. She will feel so loved and appreciated. It will let her know that you notice her and pay attention to everything that she does even though you are busy.

I am sorry for the way I sometimes take you for granted.