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2 Things You Must Have for Career Success

Spending over 30 years in the NFL taught me a lot about career success and failure. One of the greatest experiences I had was working under some truly amazing coaches, such as Denny Green and Chuck Noll. People often ask me what it takes to be successful in football or what it takes to have career success. When asked that question, I not only think about my own experience but about what I learned from other successful people.

Ultimately, there are two important things you need in order to have success in your career.

1. A Vision

It takes a vision. For career success, God has to give you something you really want to do. It needs to be something you enjoy and have a passion for.

2. Perseverance

You need to have the dedication to follow through. No matter what career path you are on, there are going to be ups and downs, hills and valleys. It’s easy to be optimistic when the road is smooth. However, when things get tough and you are going uphill, you need perseverance to stay with it. You have to have the determination to keep going when circumstances get difficult.

I believe vision and perseverance come from God. If you have both, you will do well no matter what career you choose.

Sound off: What are some other things you think will help you be successful in your career?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What are you passionate about?”