20 Fun Things to Do With Kids in the Winter

I admit I yearn to live in a warm-weather state that has no harsh, cold, snowy, and icy winters. But my kids are just the opposite. They can’t wait for the first snow to fall each winter. Although I’m not a fan of driving in and dealing with snow and ice, I really enjoy having some winter fun with my kids each year. Are you like me?

Do you enjoy the winter, or dread it, until the moment your kids ask you to go outside? The trick to making winter fun and enjoyable is to find fun things to do. When we do that, we can create a win-win situation. Our kids will enjoy it, they’ll love us even more, and we then can appreciate the season. Try these 20 fun things to do with kids in the winter.

1. Have a snowball fight.

2. Visit your local zoo or children’s museum.

3. Catch snowflakes with your tongue.

4. Make snow angels.

5. Attend a local hockey game.

6. Build a snowman.

7. Hang out in an outdoor hot tub.

8. Tell stories in front of the fire.

9. Enjoy hot cocoa with marshmallows.

10. Shovel snow (yes, kids can and will enjoy it).

11. Use (white) snow to make snow cones.

12. Make a hockey rink in your back yard.

13. Drive through neighborhoods looking at Christmas lights.

14. Go sledding.

15. Listen to Christmas carolers.

16. Make gingerbread houses.

17. Have a movie marathon.

18. Build a blanket fort.

19. Go ice skating.

20. Have a video game day.

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Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is your favorite winter activity?”