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10 Winter Dates with Your Wife

Spending cold winter days and nights with my family is wonderful. But even more wonderful is the time my wife and I spend during this time. Enjoying hot chocolate, warm cookies, warm blankets, and an occasional movie is how we like to do it.

However, several nights of sitting on the couch can get old. Having great conversation is the key to keeping those types of nights fresh. And every so often, you might want to put your hats, gloves, and scarves on and enjoy a winter night out. No matter what you and your wife prefer, you can enjoy some cozy winter days and nights together. Here are ideas for 10 winter dates with your wife.

Every so often, put your hats, gloves, and scarves on and enjoy a winter night out.

1. For the active wife.

Enjoy outdoor winter activities. This is just the type of date your wife will love. Ice skating, sledding, or even skiing together.

2. For the “I love holidays!” wife.

Attend a local Christmas tree lighting. Bundle up, head downtown, and enjoy the city Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Take a walk around looking at the window displays and decorations.

3. For the crafty wife.

Create an ornament or wreath. Create an ornament to symbolize your marriage or a homemade wreath.

4. For the wife whose love language is receiving gifts.

Give “rein-dear” gifts and go on themed dates. Give your wife a gift corresponding to a themed date night based on reindeer names.

Dancer: CDs to enjoy and a night of dancing.

Comet: A blanket and thermos of hot cocoa to enjoy as you stargaze.

Prancer, Dasher, Vixon, and so on.

Use your imagination.

5. For the foodie wife.

Take a foodie tour of the city. Enjoy a three, four, or five-course meal at different restaurants around the city. Each course will be enjoyed at a different restaurant.

6. For the wife who loves to bake.

Do some holiday baking. Spend some time in the kitchen with your wife.

7. For the entertainment-loving wife.

Go to a holiday play, musical, or a show on ice to fit the winter season. Or take your wife to a Christmas classic — The Nutcracker.

8. For the decorating wife.

Decorate the tree. Take the ornaments or crafts you made and enjoy a night of putting them on the tree together. If you have kids, this may turn into a family affair, but save something for after the kids go to sleep.

9. For the outgoing wife.

Attend a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party. Get dressed up or put on an ugly Christmas sweater and head out to a party.

10. For the wife who loves being home.

Enjoy hot chocolate, a fire, and your favorite Christmas movie. A couple of mugs of hot chocolate, marshmallows, a warm fire, and a nice movie are all you need.

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is your favorite thing to do during the holiday season?”