25 Days of Fatherhood

Every year, ABC Family runs a special programming for the first 25 days of December showing classic holiday family shows and movies.

Although we don’t watch every single movie, my kids get excited and plot which movies will be great for our weekly family movie night. This year, we want to celebrate you with a tribute: All Pro Dad’s 25 Days of Fatherhood.

For the first 25 days of December, we will celebrate all things dad. We asked some of the dads in our office what they love about being a dad, and we also asked what they love about their dad. The answers made up much of our 25 Days of Fatherhood.

1. Your integrity.

2. Your undying commitment to your family.

3. Your humility.

4. Your love for Jesus and for God’s Word.

5. Your work ethic.

6. Your long arms and big hands…when you hug your kids, they know it.

7. Your kindness in telling your daughters how beautiful they are on the inside and out.

8. Your love for the outdoors.

9. Your sense of humor.

10. Your love of conversation and people.

11. Your good sense of direction.

12. Your very tender heart.

13. Your CRAZY love for your wife.

14. Your leadership shown through action, not words.

15. Your encouragement.

16. Your strength and perseverance.

17. Your time spent making memories.

18. Your ability to grow your children in maturity and independence.

19. Your laughter around the dinner table with your kids.

20. Your patience in teaching your kids new skills.

21. Your ability to act like a kid.

22. Your way of making your children’s faces light up when they see you.

23. Your tenderness when you see your wife in your daughter.

24. Your listening and your wisdom in knowing when to offer advice, and when not to.

25. Your determination to provide for your family.

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“One great thing about being your dad is _________________. What do you think is the best thing about me being your dad?”