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25 Ideas for Individual Time with Your Kids

When I was in college my friend and I bought a ten-game package with the Philadelphia 76ers, Allan Iverson’s rookie season. During the winter break, my friend called me to tell me he couldn’t make it. I started to call other friends, but none of them could make it. As I sat there trying to figure out whom else I could call my dad came to mind. We hadn’t gone to a game together in years, but it was something we did a lot of when I was growing up. As we watched the game together I was so happy to be there with my dad, but I also felt a bit sad that it had been so long since we had done that together. When I got into high school I started to go to games with my friends rather than spending quality time with family, especially my dad.

It wasn’t because of the games, but the time my dad chose to spend with just me. 

That would be our last game together. My dad passed away three years later, but those nights spending one-on-one time going to games will remain some of my most cherished memories. It wasn’t because of the games, but the time my dad chose to spend with just me. Do you recognize the need to spend not just time with your kids, but one-on-one time with each child? Here are some great ideas to help you find your “thing” to do with each child.

1. Ride bikes

2. Rock climb

3. Play catch (baseball or football)

4. Shoot hoops

5. Scrapbook

6. Build things

7. Rollerblade

8. Work on puzzles or logic games

9. Exercise together

10. Run together

11. Visit museums

12. Take long car rides

13. Go to the movies 

14. Play video games

15. Dance or sing karaoke

16. Ice skate

17. Repair things

18. Collect things

19. Read books

20. Listen to music

21. Fly kites

22. Go to the beach or nearby park

23. Play board games

24. Perform magic tricks

25. Go to the zoo

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Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is your favorite memory with me?”