7 Ways Waiting Patiently Can Help Your Growth as an All Pro Dad

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It seems we are always waiting for something. Waiting on the light to change from red to green. Waiting on our spouse or kids to get dressed so we can leave. Waiting for that big promotion. Waiting for our kids to grow out of this rebellious stage they are in.

Is that waiting all just wasted time? I don’t think so.

As you wait, you have an opportunity to grow, and to see great things in the mundane things. But you have to be paying attention; you have to slow down and be present while waiting. Here are 7 ways waiting can help your growth as an All Pro Dad when you are paying attention:

1. You see the little things.

Each day our kids do things they may never do or say again. When we are in those waiting moments we have a chance to slow down and notice all the little stuff we normally would miss.

2. You develop patience.

Instead of being anxious and angry, you can begin to build an endurance in the waiting. Just like running. The more you wait with patience, the more patience you’ll develop.

3. You develop faith.

Sometimes the thing you are waiting on is out of your control. Waiting on a doctor report. No matter what you do, how much you pace, you can’t change the report. But you can trust God that, no matter what the report says, He is in control and He loves you.

4. You learn to listen.

If you’ll be still and listen while you’re waiting, you will hear and experience things you may have missed. Listen to other people, listen to your kids, your wife, even the tic tock of a clock!

5. You develop humility.

Many times you don’t have any control over how long you have to wait. You are not in control. Realizing and accepting this develops your humility.

6. You gain appreciation.

You can look around and see wonderful things. Whether you are looking out of your window at all of God’s wonderful Creation or just admiring the wonderful artwork your kids completed and hung on the fridge, you’ll appreciate what you see around you.

7. You gain clarity.

Waiting gives you a chance to reflect on things and think deeply about situations you are facing. Instead of your mind being cluttered while you are on the go, waiting, listening, and paying attention can help you become clear on certain things.


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“How can we learn to embrace waiting in our lives so we can wait patiently, without anxiousness and without complaining?”