3 Apps to Impress Your Wife

There are thousands of apps on the market. Apps that will make you laugh, find movie times, and keep up with your favorite sport. But out of all those apps, we found three apps that will impress your wife. And best of all, they’re free to download.

1. ShopWell.

Did you and your wife make a New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier, but you’re not sure what to buy from the grocery store? If so, ShopWell is the app for you! This app will help you eat healthier food and achieve your nutrition goals. When setting up your account, input your health goals, things important in your diet, items to minimize in your diet, and your allergies and intolerances. When you go to the grocery store, use the ShopWell barcode scanner to scan foods and ShopWell will rank the food from 0-100. A higher score means it’s better for your diet.

2. Groupon.

Looking for interesting, yet inexpensive date night ideas? Well, the popular Groupon app can be very handy! Groupon has great deals from 50-90% off the best activities and restaurants in your city. Browse through all the deals, find one you like, and buy. Then redeem it right from your phone! Once you download Groupon, say goodbye to the same old boring date nights. Your wife will be excited that you’re taking date night to another level.

3. Wunderlist.

Constantly forgetting things on your “honey-do” list? The Wunderlist app can help! Wunderlist is a user-friendly app that keeps track of all your to do lists. The app has recurring and on-time only items and notifications to keep you on track. Every time your wife has a task for you to do, put it in Wunderlist to stay organized and get the job done. This app will help you keep a happy wife, which means a happy life for you.

Sound off: Which app do you think is the best of the three?


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