3 Inspiring Ways to Motivate Your Kids

If I learned one thing in my NFL career, it’s that the only way to win is to work. From pee wee to the NFL, my best teams were always my hardest-working teams. Laziness doesn’t cut it. In fact, it would get you cut from the roster. The average NFL career is just over three years. I had to work hard to stay in the league for 12.

This clearly applies to our professional lives, but it also should guide our actions as fathers. I’ve never met a dad who wants his kid to be a loser in life. We all want what’s best for our sons and daughters. But if we want them to hit high marks, we must model how to get there. Unmotivated kids become lazy kids. Dad, it’s time to work. Here are 3 ways to provide motivation for kids by being their inspiration.

1. Don’t skip reps.

Not in the weight room, not in the classroom, not anywhere. Teach your kids to give their all. I was always assuming my opponents were working eight hours per day, so I wanted to work nine. But before you can do more, you must first do something. Don’t skip reps. Motivation for kids is easier when they have someone to follow.

Motivation for kids is easier when they have someone to follow.

2. Don’t be late.

Sometimes, it’s hard to show up. Do it anyway. Does the piano lesson start at 2 p.m.? Get your daughter there a little early and read over the pieces she’ll be practicing. Does theater class start at 6? Arrive on time so you don’t hold up rehearsal. Don’t keep people waiting. It will not go unnoticed. Teach your children responsibility by arriving on time, ready to attack the challenge.

3. Don’t do it alone.

I love tennis and golf, but life is a team sport. You need help to succeed. Encourage your kids to find buddies to help them in their pursuits. I do this by staying tight with a few close friends and involving them in my family’s life. When your children see you unafraid to open up and ask for help, they will begin to see the value in building their own trusted relationships. Leaning on others should be motivation for kids.

Sound off: What are some other ways you can motivate your children today? 

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “When do you feel most motivated?”