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3 Risks Every Man Should Take

Do you enjoy taking risks? We tend to be a play-it-safe culture. This isn’t all bad, of course. We’re wired to weigh our options and determine which ones will most likely ensure we’ll survive and to choose them. You should probably keep doing that. At the same time, there’s something in us that longs for adventure. That’s part of our wiring, too. This is why we’re drawn to watching epic movies, traveling to exotic places, and attending sporting events.

We want to face challenges and come out victorious on the other side. We also know that learning happens best when we stretch ourselves, try new things, and fail. In that way, taking risks is integral to learning and growth. And there are 3 risks every man should take at some point in his life. Have you taken them yet?

1. Speak publicly.

Public speaking is most people’s number one fear. However, that’s exactly why you should do it. In fairy tales, the biggest treasures are guarded by the fiercest dragons. You know why? Because the biggest rewards lie behind the most difficult challenges. Warren Buffet recently remarked that improving your skills as a communicator is the most important task anyone could complete. Similarly, the Carnegie Institute of Technology recently released a survey that revealed that nearly 85 percent of financial success is connected to your ability to communicate effectively.

See what I mean? Add to that the sense of satisfaction that comes from conquering a massive challenge. It’s comparable to the way learning how to communicate more effectively will impact all of your relationships positively. The new opportunities that open up for you vocationally are countless and it’s hard to argue that this isn’t a risk worth taking.

2. Create something.

What creative urges exist in you? Do you enjoy woodworking? Poetry? Making music? Photography? There is a vast spectrum of creative opportunities to explore and we need you to utilize your creativity to make the world a better place.

However, it’s not just that the world needs your creativity. You do, too. According to a recent article in Medical News Today, creativity improves your mental and physical health. It also just makes you happier.

3. Mentor someone.

Mentors change lives. Granted, any time you intentionally decide to invest in people, you take a risk. They might not be interested. You may give them bad advice. You will certainly end up in a situation where you don’t know how to direct them. Mentor someone anyway.

We need men who will step up and invest in younger people.

We need men who will step up and invest in younger people. Whether it’s providing wisdom to a teenager in your neighborhood, supporting the new guy at work, or coaching the local soccer team, mentoring has the power to transform lives. It’s hard to put yourself out there, but the potential impact on others and on you is significant.

Sound off: What is another risk worth taking?

Huddle up with a friend and ask, “When is the last time you took a risk at work?”