3 Streaming Devices We Recommend for Your Home

Google Chromecast. This is one of the newest streaming devices from Google and it’s also the cheapest at $35.  You plug it straight into the TV and stream Netflix and YouTube through their native apps from your Android or iOS device.  You can also stream from your Chrome browser on a Mac or a PC.  If you’re looking for a big bang for your buck, the Chromecast is the way to go.

Roku LT. The Roku LT offers more streaming service than the Chromecast and only costs $15 more, coming in at $50.   You can view Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Spotify, Pandora, and MLB.TV.  It doesn’t have the same seamless mobile integration as some of the other boxes and you also can’t view YouTube.  For its price, however, you cannot beat what it offers.

Apple TV. Apple TV is one of the most popular streaming devices and provides many features.  You can view any content in the iTunes Store, Netflix, Hulu, and MLB.TV plus streaming photos, music, and video from your iOS Device using AirPlay.  This is a great investment, especially if you have Apple Devices already.


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