5 Ways to Avoid Mother-in-Law Problems

In two weeks, you may get a visit from your mother-in-law. After reading that sentence, one of two things may have just happened: 1) You broke out into a cold sweat, or 2) you began thinking of how awesome it would be if she was able to spend more time with you all.

Hopefully, you were thinking number two. If not, you are probably not alone. The reality is not all in-law relationships are ideal. But just like we are called to honor our parents, no matter how challenging that may be, our parents-in-law are to be honored as well.

I don’t know your in-law situation, but it is possible to honor them. Even the most difficult parents-in-law. Here are 5 ways to avoid mother-in-law problems.

1. Honor your mother-in-law just like your own mother.

Your mom probably has some issues too, but more than likely you still honor her. Do the same with your mother-in-law. Unconditionally love her like you love your own mother. Honoring your mother and father is one of the 10 commandments and she is now your mother too.

2. Respect differences of opinion.

Maybe your mother-in-law thinks her way may be better than you and your wife’s way. Respect her differences and communicate, with love, how you and your wife intend to function in your house.

3. Establish trust.

Be trustworthy with her daughter. If she believes and trusts that you are good for her daughter, then barriers in your relationship can begin to come down. One way to accomplish this is to honor and love your wife.

4. Make communication a priority.

Call her. Encourage your wife to have regular communication with her mom, and also make a point to participate in as many conversations with your mother-in-law as possible.

5. Set boundaries.

Honor, respect, trust, and communication are great. Sometimes you need to set boundaries. Discuss with your wife what boundaries need to be set and discuss them with your mother-in-law.

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