3 Ways to Love Your Kids Well This Weekend

Although Valentine’s Day is marketed more toward romantic relationships, it can be a great opportunity to love your kids well. If you are married, make sure you love your wife well first, then love on your kids this weekend too.

Your kids may not be expecting you to do anything, but they’ll really appreciate you loving on them. Here are three ways to love your kids will this weekend.

1. Tell them you love them in writing.

Instead of buying cards for other people’s birthdays and special occasions, we have our kids make them. Our kids enjoy it and it makes it special that they took the time to create something from their heart. Instead of buying the cards from the store, hand make a card for each of your kids.

2. Spend time doing whatever they love.

If they love movies, take them to a movie. If they have been asking you to read a certain book, or watch a certain show with them, then do it. Or maybe they want to play video games with you. Whatever it is, make time to enjoy doing it with them.

3. Go one-on-one.

Find some time over the weekend to hang out one-on-one with each of your kids. Talk, eat ice-cream or their favorite snack, enjoy them, and allow them to get all of your attention. Use these 34 Memory Making Things to Do with Your Kids for ideas to help you get started.