3 Ways to Love Your Wife Well This Weekend

Today is Valentine’s Day and you have two choices: you can treat it as “just another Hallmark Holiday,” or you can treat it as another opportunity to love your wife well.

I used to treat it like it was no big deal, but then I wised up and I now do my best by loving my wife well. So, learn from me and don’t be a (Valentine’s Day) Grinch. Get excited and use this opportunity to show your wife how much you love her. Below are three ways to love your wife well this weekend. Also, be sure to check out 3 ways you can love your kids well this weekend.

1. Give her the day off in every role except “the love of your life.”

Many of us are blessed with a real Superwoman. She may wear the hat of mom, chauffeur, chef, and household manager among other things. Allow her to take a break from all those roles. Handle those responsibilities yourself, and give her the opportunity do something just for her.

2. Treat her like a queen.

Make her feel like royalty. Fix her a bubble bath, give her a massage, schedule a manicure and pedicure, arrange a spa day, and do all the things that make her feel special.

3. Take her out and do something with her.

Now that you’ve given her the day off, made her feel special. Allow her to enjoy a day or night out doing whatever she loves too. Think dancing and dining out or enjoying her favorite hobby together. The options are endless.

If someone asks you, ‘Does your husband/dad love you well,’ what would you say? Why?