romantic things to do at home for your wife

5 Ways to Romance Your Wife When You Can’t Leave the House

You’ve no doubt heard it’s important to continue to romance your wife whether you’re newlyweds or celebrating your golden anniversary. Getting lazy in marriage is a sure way to end up with distance between you that you didn’t expect. Any good marriage takes work.

But romancing your wife is doubly hard when suddenly you find yourself largely confined to your house. When a pandemic renders it increasingly difficult to go out, and your kids are likewise stuck at home, what’s a couple to do? Here are 5 romantic things to do at home with your wife when you can’t go out.

1. Cook together.

You still have to eat, right? Why not plan to make dinner together once a week? Choose a food that you might try if you saw it on a menu somewhere but have never tried to make yourself. Be sure to choose a night when you have time to enjoy the process. Being rushed adds an element of stress that will make it far less fun. Also, make your kids do the dishes.

2. Cook for her.

Depending on your personalities, better than cooking with your wife might be cooking for your wife. This is especially true if she tends to be the one who carries the brunt of the cooking responsibilities. Make it a special evening. Buy her favorite foods and get some good wine, candles, and maybe even some music.

3. Plant a garden.

OK, so technically this is one of those romantic things to do at home with your wife that is “going out”—but just to your yard. Gardening is great on a number of levels: It forces you to slow down. It’s meaningful work to do together. Studies show there is a link between playing in the dirt and happiness. So get out and play in the dirt with your wife.

4. Give her a massage.

Physical contact is more valuable now than ever. In a time when we’re uncomfortable shaking hands, giving hugs, or even bumping into another person, we are all longing for physical touch. Your marriage relationship should be a place where you can enjoy that freely. Give your wife a massage, a foot rub, something that creates that physical connection (As an added bonus, it will likely weird your kids out!).

5. Choose your own adventure.

“What would you like to do Saturday night?” could be the best question you could ask. Sit around the fireplace and read? Watch a movie? Play a game? It’s her call. But it’s up to you to do what you can to make it special, whether that’s creating a different atmosphere or having good food and drink available. Whatever you do, be sure phones are put away and you’ve done what you need to do to set work aside so you truly can enjoy the night together.

None of these suggestions for romantic things to do at home with your wife will work with everyone. She may think massages are annoying (or you might be really bad at giving them) or she may hate cooking. The key is really knowing your wife and what she loves and being intentional about creating space to connect around those things.

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Sound off: What ideas do you have for romantic things to do at home with your wife when you can’t go out?

Huddle up with your wife and ask, “What would you like to do this weekend?”