4 Steps in Learning How to Cook

Dad just arrived home from work and picking up the kids only to find out Mom has a late meeting and won’t be home to make dinner. It’s 5:20 pm and the kids have soccer practice at 6:30. More times than not in this situation, Dad will load the children back in the car and off they’ll go for fast food or pizza. But what if Dad can cook? This opens up an entire new set of possibilities. For parents now, it is almost imperative that both parties know their way around the kitchen. The truth is, more and more men have honed their cooking skills and are quite good at it. Many husbands now do the primary cooking for the family. The dominance of the dual-income marriage has demanded changes in the way a family operates, and cooking is at the forefront of those adjustments. Feeding our children fresh and balanced meals is the priority, and it matters not which of the parents is doing the preparing. So, put on your chef’s hat and try the following 4 steps in learning how to cook:

1. Buy a Cookbook.

“Joy of Cooking” is the most popular cookbook on the planet. Most consider this classic the bible of cooking. Here a person can learn all there is to know about the tools, the measuring, and the ingredients that make up a meal.

2. Collect Recipes.

Now that we have the “how to” book, it’s time to collect some ideas on what to actually cook. Recipes are found in books, magazines, and online. One of the best spots is iMom’s recipes. Sometimes we need to step back and learn from the women, so go here for lots of ideas and help.

3. Follow the Game Plan.

After learning the basics of cooking and gathering recipe ideas, it’s time to cook. Put together a game plan and follow the instructions. Don’t be intimidated if you make mistakes…and you certainly will. The more time you spend in the kitchen, the more skilled you will become. Just relax and have fun!

4. Learn from the Pros.

Television and the internet offer many opportunities and personalities to learn from. There is plenty for the beginner all the way to the master. Men’s Health has a series of great beginner videos on basic cooking skills.

Make a plan to take a meal off Mom’s hands.