4 Steps to Building a Great Tree House

4 Steps to Building a Great Tree House

Tree houses are nothing short of majestic. What kid in this world doesn’t wish they had one? If you have been considering building a tree house for your kids, we offer these tips to help that go smoothly and turn into a cherished family memory. Break out the tools because we’re building a tree house!

1. The Perfect Location.

Look for sturdy and healthy trees on your property that are ready to grip the hardware you carefully insert in them. If you don’t have a tree, get creative. Build one on the ground or get a refrigerator box from an appliance store, fill it with pillows, and leave it in your family room for a month.

2. Choose the Design.

How big will our tree house need to be? Are we going to build a simple one room structure, or do we want to add decks and special features like a rope net underneath to bounce and play? The possibilities are only limited to how big you dare to dream. Make sure that your dream matches up with the reality of where you will be building.

3. Construction Time.

Ok, so how exactly do I build this thing? There are many resources on the tools necessary and steps required. For a great guide on how to build a simple tree house, try eHow’s How to Build a Simple Tree House. If you’re interested in more elaborate plans and construction, check out Pete Nelson’s (the Treehouse Master) website that has plans and instructions for purchase.

4. Create Memories and Maintenance.

Once your dream has been realized and there is now a magnificent treehouse in your backyard, start right away creating those memories that your children are going to hold on to for the rest of their lives. Regularly inspect the structure for defects or trouble areas, and keep it a safe place for your entire family. Be sure to inspect the trees for distress as well. Enjoy – you are now a tree house master!


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