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5 Fall Things Your Wife Wants You to Do

When I was younger, I never liked fall. The laid back summer days were over, school would start, the weather would get colder, and I’ve never been into dressing up for Halloween. My disdain for fall things changed when I got married and I owe it all to my wife. My wife loves fall and she is not alone. Women seem to love this season for many different reasons. That gives us opportunities to connect with them, to utilize the beauty of fall, along with its sights, sounds, activities, and changing weather to romance our wives.

I recently asked a number of married women if they love fall. Almost all said yes. Then I asked each for one thing she would love to do with her husband during this season and what one thing he could plan that would get her excited. Here are 5 fall things women would love to do with their husbands.

1. Go to a Fall Event

There are bound to be fall festivals scheduled somewhere near you. Taking your wife to one will hit every single one of her senses with great food, fun music, and a festive atmosphere. Another idea is to take her to an apple orchard to enjoy the changing weather. Or, go to a football game (if she is into that—and make sure it is her favorite team).

2. Enjoy the Scenery

Summer makes many women feel like their bodies are on display. They feel pressure to make their bodies look great in less clothing and bathing suits. One reason women love fall is they can bundle up and enjoy the beauty outside without the pressure. So get out with your wife and enjoy the scenery with all its colors. Take a drive, go on a hike, a bike ride, or simply take a walk.

3. Light Up the Fire Pit

Fall is the best time to get cozy. Put your sweaters on, go outside, and light up the fire pit. Bring her a blanket (depending on the weather) and a hot drink. The women I talked to love anything involving pumpkin spice. However, here’s an idea I also received: drizzle caramel into the bottom of a mug and pour hot apple cider over it. This warm beverage tastes like a caramel apple. Then get close to her and talk. Ask about her favorite fall memory before you got together and after. Ask about her favorite fall memory with the kids.

4. Take Her Away For a Weekend

This calls for planning, childcare, and normally, a good amount of money. But ask yourself how long it has been since you’ve done it. Do you have a friend with a timeshare or vacation spot? Could you find a deal for a bed and breakfast or a cozy hotel where you could enjoy the changing leaves? If your childcare options and wallet are limited (like mine normally are), search Groupon for an overnight trip. Even one night away will pay huge dividends for your relationship.

5. Take Her Fall Shopping and/or Decorate

I have to admit—this would be an absolute sacrifice out of love for my wife. I don’t like shopping or decorating for anything that isn’t Christmas. And again, this involves money. However, if you want to connect with your wife and gain some valuable points, immersing yourself in something she loves goes a long way. You could surprise her with some fall flowers and plants. However, if you want to take it up a level, go with her for some fall shopping and help her decorate the house.

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Sound off: What are some other things wives want their husbands to do in fall?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What is your favorite season? Why?”