5 Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Your Wife

Okay, guys, this is important. It really is the thought that counts. Don’t be that guy who tries to buy his way out of trouble this Christmas. There is no expensive gift available on this planet that will in any way compare to your gift when it’s thoughtful, loving, and creative.

However, and it’s critical that we understand this truth, this is not a short cut! Thoughtful gift giving requires care, preparation, and a boatload of good listening. But don’t worry, there’s still enough time before the holidays.

Here are five suggestions we think will serve as a catalyst for the rest of the good ideas you’ll think of once you start. The point here is creativity, thoughtfulness, and putting the nuances of your relationship into every gift. Here’s 5 inexpensive Christmas gifts for your wife:

1. Keep a notepad handy and pay attention.

The best gifts are the ones she’s been dropping hints about since March. When you hear something, write it down. It won’t suddenly come to you on Christmas Eve when you’re desperate for ideas.

2. Family pictures in designer frames.

That moment from summer vacation. Or the shot of the two of you enjoying a romantic dinner. You can find nice 4” x 6” frames for less than $10 at places like Tuesday Morning, Home Goods, or Marshalls….

3. A cookbook with post-it notes marking the meals and dates (two, five, ten…) you promise to prepare (and clean up!).

Your time and the act of service will cost more than the dollars you spent on groceries, but it will be appreciated accordingly.

4. An “indulgence” care basket.

Pay attention to the little things that give her pleasure. Collect five to ten items which are pure indulgence. Put them in a designer box or nice basket, and then present it as a single gift. For example: some of her favorite candy, a fragrance she likes but sees as extravagant, some gourmet teas or coffees, a five dollar Starbucks gift card, a ballpoint pen two grades above the ones she typically uses… you get the idea.

5. A carefully planned date night.

Careful, do this one right. Include a gift card for her favorite restaurant, exact plans for the evening (the card will itemize: “We will leave at 4:00. I’m driving you to the beach for a romantic walk, dinner is scheduled for 7:30, and I have a surprise for you after that…”), and make sure the babysitting is pre-arranged.

How can we make Christmas less expensive and simpler this year?