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5 Staycation Ideas for an Awesome Spring Break

Spring Break is a time your kids are definitely looking forward to. But maybe you aren’t. Perhaps your kids are on break, but you aren’t. Or maybe you are off work, but can’t afford to go anywhere. Or maybe your spouse has to work, while you and the kids get a break. What can you do to make your spring break staycation fun for the entire family? Whether you are able to take a trip or not, you want to make the most of any time off. You may have scheduling problems or other challenges, which may be hindering you, don’t let it kill Spring Break totally. Be creative in spite of the obstacles you face. Your kids will really appreciate it, and it will create great memories for your entire family. Here’s how to have an awesome spring break staycation:

1. Be sure to have a plan.

“Fail to plan, plan to fail.” That old adage is true when it comes to staycations as well. Be sure you sit down with your family and decide what you will do. Here are 10 Staycation Ideas. Include a budget for your plans as well.

2. Set some guidelines.

A week with the kids at home can end in a gamer, screen, and electronic free for all. That may be fun for a little while, but most of the time it creates isolation instead of bringing your family together. Set clear guidelines of technology use during your staycation, as well as working hours if you don’t have to physically go to work.

3. Get creative and be different.

Part of the idea of a staycation is to get away from the normal day-to-day. Physically, or geographically, you may not be able to get away, but you can get away from the regular routine. Here are 101 Family Activities to help you.

4. Act like it is a “real” vacation.

What do you do on vacation? You take pictures, you hang out a little later than normal, you may even sleep in a little longer. Document your staycation in pictures, videos, or scrapbooking just like you would a vacation in a different geographic area.

5. Carve out family and individual time.

Sometimes it is cool for the kids to do “their thing” while mom and dad get to do “their thing” on vacation. A staycation can include this as well. Arrange childcare or a playdate with relatives or friends who have kids your kids’ ages while you go on the special date or guy’s night. Whatever you do, don’t let the fact you will not be taking a trip dampen you or your kids’ spring break fun. Use the info above to create an awesome spring break staycation!

We are going to have spring break staycation. Let’s talk about some awesome things we can do!