5 Things to Do Tonight to Appreciate Creation

5 Things to Do Tonight to Appreciate Creation

Our lives have millions of ways to distract us and keep our minds occupied. We are stressed, we are worried, we think of money, we think of entertainers, we try not to think because we are tired of thinking, and we just want to step off sometimes and reset. Earth, God’s magnificent creation, provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the wonder we were created to enjoy. And to be at peace. How can we display to our children how to love and appreciate the home God has made for us? Here are 5 things to do to appreciate creation

1. Pray Outdoors

What could be simpler? Gather your family on your lawn, hands joined, and pray. Give thanks for our earth, the bounties within it, and the blessings we have.

2. One Hour Blackout

It really should be for the entire night, but good luck with that, right? Turn off the television, the cell phones, the notebooks, and the tablets. Turn off the lights and the power. Turn it all off. Then, by candlelight, take the family outdoors and be the tour guide of creation. Remember the stars and the constellations? They are still up there. Find the Little Dipper for your young son. Ask everyone to be very quiet and listen for the owl that is most likely 30 feet from you and you would have never known it because of the noise. Stop, look, and listen.

3. Neighborhood Stroll to the Park

A family walk is an amazing experience. Communication happens and solutions are found. Combine the already very positive experience by adding the surrounding environment into the observation and conversation. Animals and life are everywhere, even in the most urban of areas. Point out and teach the kids what type of tree you just walked by and how old it might be. Enjoy the smile on your daughter’s face as you point out that adorable little squirrel flying around and up a tree. Listen to the birds and check out the neighbor’s newly planted flowers. Then when you get to the park, let them do what comes natural to a kid: play.

4. The Great Bug Hunt

Can we really turn bugs into a positive thing? Yes, even with the prissiest of little girls it can be done. Get a jar and take the children out for a bug hunt. While you are turning over rocks, leaves, and logs you will find that an entirely different incredible world exists all around us. Gently collect those fuzzy little caterpillars or their eventual outcome, the butterfly. Find an anthill and demonstrate that what seems impossible becomes reality with teamwork and strength. Your kids will see the earth in a new light and you will have a great time doing it.

5. Take in the Sunset/Sunrise

What can top witnessing the perfect sunset or sunrise? People all over the world come out during those magical moments each and every day just to watch. When the sun is coming up or going down over the horizon, something inside the human soul is stirred. There is no better way for your kids to gain appreciation for this creation than to simply stand and watch the majesty of the sun as another day ends or begins.

“One of my favorite things in creation is ____. I say that because ____.”