things to say to your wife

5 Things to Say to Your Wife Every Day

For most men, more days than not, you are going to kiss your wife goodbye and walk out the front door to head to work. It’s a part of the mundane everyday routine that becomes us. But what if you put just a little extra intention into a moment like this on a daily basis?

What if you easily could turn something routine into something rewarding for your wife that could help start her day off right? Well, the good news is that you can! Here are 5 things you need to say to your wife every day.

“Thanks for…”

Most of our wives are also mothers (and taxi drivers, laundry folders, dishwashers—you get the idea). They do so much on a daily basis that we never realize, and if we’re not careful, we never recognize. Simply acknowledging regularly that you still appreciate all the things your wife does that you may never otherwise think about could mean the world to her. It might sound as simple as this: “Thanks in advance for all the stuff you’ll do today to make our family work! I love you.”

“You’re awesome for…”

There are things your wife is really good at. Maybe it’s investing in your kids, cooking meals for the family, or doing the little things that you hate having to do. (For me, it’s phone calls—definitely phone calls.) Draw attention to those things. Praise her for her strengths even in the little things far more than you point out her weaknesses. For example, I love to kiss my wife on the way out the door each morning, so for me, this might look like saying, “You’re awesome for being such a great kisser. Thanks for being the best start to my day every day!”

“I look forward to…”

For a lot of men, one of the things we look forward to most at the end of a long day is walking in the door, plopping onto the recliner, and going into hibernation mode for a few hours. But what if you took that moment to prioritize your wife and her needs instead? Why not let your wife know at the start of the day that you look forward to seeing her and hearing how her day went? The recliner (or the garage, or the TV) won’t go anywhere—I promise. And if you have plans for the weekend, use the power of anticipation to let her know what you look forward to doing with her.

“I have something for you…”

Potentially one of the most fun parts of marriage is the mystery and  adventure. We’ve been created with a desire for things that are new and fun and varied, especially within marriage. Consider adding some mystery to your wife’s day by saying something like this: “I’ve hidden five Post-It notes around the house for you today. I’ll give you something special for each one you can find.” Have fun writing some catchy phrases or teases to your wife that you know will make her smile. Put them in both obvious places and places you know only she would look. Then, be sure to make good on your promise at the end of the day (maybe stop by the store and pick up a rose, her favorite candy bar, and other gifts). Whatever you do, try to make every day an adventure in some way, big or small.

There’s something magical that happens when your wife hears your positive thoughts and prayers.

“Can I pray for you…?”

Words are powerful. Prayers are powerful. Especially when men are verbally speaking truth and life over their wives (because it’s usually not one of our greatest strengths). There’s something hidden yet magical that can happen when your wife hears you verbalize your positive thoughts and prayers over her. Mark Twain once said, “I could live for two weeks on a good compliment.” Try speaking life into your wife and you might just infuse life into your marriage, too.

Sound off: What other things do our wives need to hear us say every day?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “How can I make each day better for you?”