creative ways to compliment your wife

11 Creative Ways to Compliment Your Wife

Throughout the 17 years I’ve known her, I’ve tried to make a point of regularly bringing my wife flowers for no particular reason. I’ve noticed she tends to keep the little card long after the flowers have been thrown away. While I know she appreciates the flowers, this habit has taught me how much more she values kind, complimentary words.

Our wives know we love them. They probably know we like them. But it’s also important to tell them that by communicating their value to them—which we can do, in part, by paying them compliments more often. If you struggle to find the right words, here are 11 creative ways to compliment your wife.

Make a list of the times your wife’s beauty has taken your breath away and share it with her.

1. Make a list of the times your wife’s beauty has taken your breath away and share it with her.

2. Having kids changes a woman’s body. Point out the reasons the changes in her body make her more beautiful.

3. Let her know you value the work she does for your family by taking on one of her chores—especially if it’s a chore she already knows you dislike.

4. Make a list of the things you love about her that have nothing to do with her appearance and share it with her.

5. Take a picture with her on date night and post it on social media a few days later with a caption about how lucky you are to share life with such an extraordinary woman.

6. Make a “World’s Best Mom” certificate, complete with kids’ signatures (or footprints if they can’t write yet). Frame it, wrap it up, and make a big deal of presenting it to her.

7. Semi-regularly mail her a card or postcard with a handwritten note commenting on some of her best qualities.

8. Make a list of the ways being with her has made you a better man.

9. Take literal notes of the extraordinary and minute things you love to see her do with and for your kids. In challenging seasons, such as when dealing with a moody teenager, share your notes with her to express how much you value her as the mother of your kids.

10. Write a new compliment to her on the bathroom mirror every week. (For bonus points, clean the bathroom each week before writing!)

11. What time was your wife born? For a week straight, text her at that time to tell her why the world is better because she’s in it.

Sound off: What are some other creative ways to compliment your wife?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What do you love the most about your mom?”