5 Unexpected Ways to Become a Warrior

My father and I did not get along very well growing up. For whatever reason, we just butted heads on everything we would discuss. One thing we did connect over was going to the movies. We would watch all the medieval knights and kings and the modern war movies, fascinated by characters who were warriors.

I now see these warriors on the big screen a little differently. When I was a kid, I focused on the fight scenes and battles. Now I see that what made them warriors was more than the bravery they showed on battlefields. What makes a person a warrior might not be what you expect. Here are 5 unexpected ways to become a warrior.

1. By Being Gentle

It’s funny that we want to raise our boys to be gentlemen and how easily we forget the first part of the word is gentle. Being gentle is not being frail or weak; it’s about knowing when to be firm and when to be gentle. Understanding when your family needs you to be gentle can be one of the strongest things you can do. Warriors know when to fight and when to be gentle.

2. By Being Kind

Every excellent warrior movie has a moment when the main character breaks the tension by giving a starving kid a piece of bread or breaking the rules to do the right thing for someone. These moments reveal the true heart of that character and the kindness within. When you’re kind even though you could have been cruel, it shows your real power in a situation.

Being humble allows us to lean on wisdom and discernment instead of foolishness and ignorance.

3. By Being Humble

Humility is a direct indicator of maturity; when we are humble, we put the needs of others first. If our pride drives us, it will lead us to see every battle with a narrow and selfish lens. Humility is an abnormal attribute for most men because we want to win at all costs and defeat the enemy without remorse. Being humble allows us to lean on wisdom and discernment instead of foolishness and ignorance.

4. By Being Quiet

It’s easy to be driven by our emotions. Some enemies will push our buttons begging for us to unleash our tongues. But too often our mouths will make situations worse, not better. When times are tense, a warrior knows when to stand strong in silence. It may feel good for a moment to lash out in return, but it typically doesn’t last long. The longer strategy with some enemies is to remain silent and allow your silence to speak for you.

5. By Being a Lover

Are you known for how well you love those around you? Are you harsh, brash, and difficult, or are you the one who’s always willing to lend a hand? Warriors fight, but they also love those around them really well. When you die, you will be remembered by those you love, not by the battles you have won.

Every great warrior has these attributes. It is much harder to do these things than it is to do the opposite. Each one of these is a battle, internally. And very few men win these battles. Will you?

Sound off: What other ways would you add to this list?

Huddle up with your kids and ask, “What do you think it takes to be a warrior?”